We are a sustainable knitwear manufacturer that works on the mission to promote eco-friendly knitwear products, conserving energy, using natural resources, and building a healthy community for our employees.

We enjoy working with sustainable brands that understands the key values of this concept and they choose to use eco-friendly and sustainable yarns for their collection.

Since we’re a full-service knitwear manufacturer, we offer end-to-end garment manufacturing services which you may require for your clothing label.

Reducing carbon footprint

We have taken significant strides in the realm of sustainability and energy efficiency. This forward-thinking enterprise has fully embraced renewable energy, particularly through the extensive use of solar panels. These panels, strategically installed throughout the facility, capture the sun’s abundant energy, converting it into electricity that powers the entire manufacturing process. This commitment to solar energy not only significantly reduces the factory’s carbon footprint but also positions Anabel Knitwear as a leader in environmentally responsible manufacturing.

ISO certifications

ISO 9001 ISO 9001 + ISO 14001 ISO9001 + ISO 14001 + ISO45001

Using yarns with the following certifcations